Double lake crossing

Illmitz-Mörbisch-Illmitz 6,2 k

Our biggest challenge


The competition for those who are looking for the special swimming challenge.


Note for the athletes: Lake Neusiedl has special pitfalls. Especially wind, waves and currents can be dangerous. From about 20 knots there is a pre-warning / flashing signals, then storm warning. Storm warning or severe weather warning, then there will be no start.


Registrations starts on February 1st 2022

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floating buoys

For the two sea crossings buoy duty applies to non-club swimmers. These are provided by MadWave for free.


The organizer reserves the right to require buoys for all participants depending on weather conditions. (This is especially known at higher wind speeds, currents or waves in consultation with the water rescue).



Attention: since 2018, there is a special score for S-swimmers (sports swimmers) with existing club licenses or for ice swimmers without NEO as part of the Austrian Open Water Cup. This is done separately during the registration as age group / competition.



Double lake crossing Illmitz- Mörbisch- Illmitz (6,2 km)


Saturday, 10.9.2022

 Race briefing via Fabebook Lifestream Saturday at  6 pm 


Sunday, 11.9. 2022

Registration: 7.30 - 7.45 am Seerestaurant Moerbisch

Boat to Illmitz: 8.00 Schiffahrt Drescher

Competition meeting: 08.45

Start in Illmitz , at 9.00 

 Food at km 3,1 Bridge in Seebad Moerbisch


Competition: 9.00 - 12.00

Award ceremony: from 12.30 (depending on the last participant)


Participants Package:


Free entrance to the bathroom
Free parking 
Starterbag with bathing cap
Finisher medals in all competitions
Between snack at 3.1 km
Finisher snacks
water rescue
Accompanying boats for water safety
First aid station


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Attention safety rules


during high waves, a cut off time at the turning point is 3 km from 1 hour. 20. Will be announced at the competition meeting depending on wind conditions.


The organizer reserves the right to take part in the open water course, the competition on the wind-protected course of the TRI Challenge, with 5 laps at approx. 1 km.


The rules of the Austria Open Water Majors apply, i.a. regarding water temperature and neoprene (the 24 degree neoprene prohibition under 18 degrees neopright)


Temperatures will be announced in advance and finalized at the competition meeting. Swimming without Neo is prohibited below 18 degrees.


participation fee

till 30.5. | 50 €

till 15.7.  | 55 €

till 30.8.  | 60 €

till 10.9. | 65 €


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registration only online


Attention Cut of Time at 3 km: 1.20



Neo Class: 3 age groups

16-22, 23 - 40, 40 +


Attention NEW: S-Class for our sporty club swimmers - WITHOUT NEO (except under 18 degrees)

Elite AK 16-39, S-Masters 40 +

The S-Class starts in its own launch 5 minutes before the Neo floats