33. Lake crossing "Neusiedler See"

Mörbisch - Illmitz 3.1 k



The classic lake crossing will be happening for the 33 rd time.


Mörbisch - Illmitz 3.1 km



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Limit: 100


Note for the athletes: Lake Neusiedl has special pitfalls. Especially wind, waves and currents can be dangerous. From about 20 knots there is a pre-warning / flashing signals, then storm warning. In storm warning or severe weather warning, there will be definitely no start.


Athletes, can decide at any time in Mörbisch or Illmitz not to start due to weather conditions and can convert this against a start at the 1.9 km at the later NMT.


If the crossing of the lake is canceled, the competition will take place at a distance of 3 km at 16.30 in the protected area of the lake island (weather permitting).


floating buoys

For the two lake crossings buoy duty applies to non-clubs swimmers.

The organizer reserves the right to require buoys for all participants depending on weather conditions. (This is especially known at higher wind speeds, currents or waves in consultation with the water rescue).




- Race briefing video available on our Facebook page from friday 5 p.m

Saturday  June 8, 2024


Registration Illmitz 8.15 - 9.45

- Subsequent registration at the Mörbisch entrance to the restaurant: 9:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m

attention: please inform us who checks in directly in Mörbisch

- Companions: can purchase a ticket when registering

- Handover of clothing bag by 9.30 a.m

Competition briefing 9.30

Start Mörbisch/Inselbrücke approx. 9.50

Boat for companions 10.00


Attention: Schedules may vary by a few minutes at short notice depending on shipping requirements


Classification: The 5 AK are evaluated as an overall classification 16-22 years, 23 -39 years, 40 - 49 years, 50 - 59 years, 60 years +


Award ceremony: The first three men/women in each age group will be honored.

The overall winners receive trophies.

participant package

free entry to the bath for participants
free parking lot;
finisher medals in all events;
Finisher gift
1 ferry ticket for the lake crossing over 3.0km;
swimming buoy on loan free of charge for non-swimmers;
Discounted boat transfer ticket for companions for €9 return;
transport of clothing (at the lake crossing 3.0km);
finisher catering;
water safety tenders;
First Aid & Water Rescue.



Registration fees


lake crossing Illmitz -  Mörbisch 3,1 km


till 31.1. | 50 €

till 30.4  | 55 €

till 6.6. | 60 €

8.6. + 10 Euro


online Registration RACEID.com


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Attention safety rules


The organizer reserves the right to postpone the competition by 1 or 2 hours in the event of excessive swell, current or dangerous weather conditions at the lake, or to complete the competition on the more protected track of the TRI Challenge with 3 laps a for approx. 1km.


Alternatively, if athletes opt out of official starts, the starting ticket may be exchanged for a ticket over 1.9 on the same NMT in the sheltered bay.


Buoys are set every 500 m and depending on the current, are likely to pass on the right.


The rules of the Austria Open Water Majors apply, i.a. regarding water temperature and neoplasm below 18 degrees and neo-prohibition over 24 degrees.


The temperatures are announced in advance.


Safety regulations

For the two lake crossings buoy duty applies to non-club-swimmers.


Depending on the weather conditions, the organizer reserves the right to require ground clearance for all participants. (This is especially known at higher wind speeds, currents or waves in consultation with the water rescue).

Attention: if a storm warning is announced, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the event up to 3 days beforehand for safety reasons. Registration will then be postponed until the following year