The national park region of Lake Neusiedl and the UNESCO World Heritage Site form the natural framework for promoting healthy swimming in the largest steppe lake in Central Europe. The largest outside opera stage in the world, covering 6.000 people, forms the unique backdrop for the swimming competitions in the lake arena in the lake side resort of Mörbisch with its surrounding reeds.


The classic lake crossing was expanded in 2013 into a multi-day swimming festival with various swimming distances for competitive athletes and beginners young and old, fun and health as well as competitive kids events. The appointment is fixed around the solstice.

In the bathing area of Mörbisch on the lake or Illmitz, around 10 events from 200m to 6.2 km are offered.


Motto: "Swim & More" for everyone.


Be close up ...


The unique natural and cultural landscape of the UNESCO World Heritage and National Park region Lake Neusiedl and the 570 m long swimming arena in Mörbisch at the lake convey a special atmosphere. The companions are thereby enabled to experience first hand the majority of the distances. The aim is to enable the whole family to participate in the various competitions.

The swimming in the area of the lake Mörbisch is particularly protected from the wind and with the same water depth of 1.70 (currently depending on the heat-related water level) to complete particularly well.


An extensive framework and leisure program including movement fair, makes the weekend worthwhile for the whole family.


Unique are the premises of the lake festivals Mörbisch, where the swimming festival for registration, catering, award ceremony and the charity has moved into.


The entrance is via the official and representative entrance of the lake festivals Mörbisch.