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8th Swim Festival Lake Neusiedl


12-13.6.2020, Mörbisch at the lake, the lake arena in the seaside resort, bathing area Illmitz


Organizer: AusTria organization , Neusiedl at the lake


Main registration: in the Cafe Alsen the lake festival Mörbisch. Access is at the level of the cash registers of the "lake festival".


Access to the seaside resort Mörbisch: via the turnstiles of the bath at the bath entrance with the Neusiedler lake Card (free at ÜN).


Mörbisch: Direct access to the bathroom is possible via lake festival or beach house - 30 m from the cafe Alsen direction lake


Illmitz: Access via the car park or directly from the reed landing stage


Award ceremony:

in the seaside resort Illmitz of the lake crossing,

Charity and afternoon competitions on Saturday in the beach house Mörbisch



program flow


Friday 21.6.2019


The kick off for width & class


  • Muscle Charity SwimRun
  • Fun: 600 m swimming / 2800 m running
  • Speed: 1500 m swimming / 4600 m running


Motto: "Strong muscles for weak children"


Revenue in favor of Austrian muscle research

Friday 16.30 - 17.30

Start 18.OO

Presentation ceremony from 19.30 in the context of the charity evening -

We expect performances from current summer productions


Saturday 22.6.2019


for our open water swimmers and triathletes

Sea crossing Mörbisch - Illmitz (limited to 200 participants), 3,1 km


Registration 21.6. 18.00 - 19.15

Re-registration 22.6. - 8.30 - 9.30

Start 10.00 - 11.45

Award ceremony from 12.00 (depending on the last participant)


Double sea crossing Illmitz- Mörbisch - Illmitz (limited to 100 participants), 6.2 km with

Registration 21.6. 18.00 - 19.15

Subsequent registration Illmitz 22.6. 7.45 - 8.45 (at the boat and then in the bath / rest. Illmitz)

Boat transfer Mörbisch- Illmitz: 8.00 for participants of the double lake crossing

Start 9.15 - 11.45 (cut in Mörbisch (3.1 km) at 1.20)


Award ceremony from 12.00 (depending on the last participant) in the beach / rest. Illmitz)


Breast stroke ONLY - 600 m around the reed island Mörbisch (without time)

Registration 15.00 - 15.15

Start 15.30


Local only - for our Mörbischer and Illmitzer residents

200 m in the swimming channel of Mörbisch

Registration 15.00 - 15.45

Start 16.00

Award ceremony afterwards in the finish area

Mode is still to be clarified


Solstice Swim-TRI-Challenge

1.0 / 1.9 / 3.8 km for our beginners and (half / ironman)

Registration 15.00 - 16.00

Start: 16.30

Award ceremony: 18:30


Junior Open Water Cup

Registration 15.00 - 16.00

Start 16.30 as a separate wave in the Swim / Tri-Challenge


for our little beginners

Kids water wings - Challenge, around the pond, about 20 m

Registration 14.45 directly at the marked swimming entrance for kids

Start 15.00


PS late entries are possible in principle for all competitions

(Details will be announced after closing date)

For safety reasons, a limit of 200 persons is currently only valid for the lake crossing

saftet rules - important
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Price levels


Der Kick Off for broad and great

Motto: "strong muscle for the weak children"


Muskel Charity SiwmRun

till 28.2.

till 14.5.

till 18.6

Fun 600m siwm / 2800m Run




Speed 1500m siwm/ 4600m Run




Team nur Fun Variante






for all popular sport und Triathletes


everyone -Challenge 1km




Swim-Challenge 1.9km






classic lake crossing / double lake crossing


Klassische Seequerung

Mörbisch-Illmitz 3.1km




Doppelte Seequerung

Illmitz-Mörbisch-Illmitz 6.2km





Service package:

  • Free entrance to the bath for the participants
  • Free parking Mörbisch
  • Starterbag with bathing cap
  • Finisher medals in all competitions
  • Finisher T-shirt or towel for all participants at the sea crossing
  • Ferry ticket for Seequerung 3.1km, from Mörbisch to Illmitz, 2 tickets for the double sea crossing
  • discounted ferry ticket for companions around € 7 round trip.
  • Clothing transport (at the sea crossing)
  • Swimming buoys from HEAD
  • Ströck breakfast boat for companions on Saturday, departure Mörbisch 9.45
  • Finisherverpflegung
  • Intermediate catering at km 3.1 for double lake crossing
  • Voucher for food at Strandhaus Seebad Mörbisch
  • Supporting program - Charity, solstice fire / celebration in Mörbisch
  • Mass movement
  • water rescue
  • Accompanying boats for water safety
  • First aid station





Timing is done via Race Result Timing. The timekeeping chips are issued in the course of the registration, the rent is 3 euros (is already included in the registration fee) plus 20 euros deposit. The deposit will be returned after delivery of the loan chip. For the swim-fit competition there is an official timekeeping (without chips).


floating buoys

For the two sea crossings buoy duty applies to non-swimmers. These are provided by HEAD for free.

Depending on the weather conditions, the organizer reserves the right to require ground clearance for all participants. (This is especially known at higher wind speeds, currents or waves in consultation with the water rescue).


Competition Rules:

The ÖTRV Sportordnung 2018/19 applies


Competition Rules:

The event is based on the Sports Regulations (Association Regulations of the ÖTRV) with the respectively valid version of the competition and organizer regulations concerning swimming and aquathlon. The corresponding regulations can be viewed on the website of the ÖTRV


Rules: Wetsuits are allowed in principle. The rules of the Open Water competitions apply according to the AOWS Cup rules (ie from 24.0 degrees neo-prohibition, under 18 degrees neoplasm). Otherwise the ÖTRV competition rules apply. At the competition meeting, depending on the water temperature, the final decision regarding Neos will be announced.


Competition Management:

  • Organizer: AusTriaSport Club, SooM Sport & Management
  • Water security: ASVÖ Burgenland,, boats various yacht club, volunteer fire department and Österr. water rescue
  • Race Director: Franz Frühauf
  • First Aid: Red Cross



The Anti-Doping Regulations of the ITU, the ÖTRV as well as WADA and the National Anti-Doping Agency NADA and the Anti-Doping Regulations of the Federal Sports Promotion Act (BSFG) are fully applicable. Athletes participating in the competitions are required to familiarize themselves with the rules and procedures relating to checks, penalties and appeals. The implementation of the anti-doping provisions of the ITU, the NADA and the Federal Sports Promotion Act (BSFG) are fully implemented. The corresponding regulations can be viewed on the website of the ÖTRV and on the NADA website be viewed.


Cancellation Policy:

In principle, registration is not possible after registration due to organizational planning. It is possible to transfer the registration to the following year until 1 month before the event.

The orders of the marshals, the organizers and the judges shall be obeyed.

Sports nutrition: x-sports supplies the isotonic sports drinks

Destination catering: Bäckerei Ströck offers healthy nutritious food, fruit, ISO and water

FAQ: frequently asked questions: can be found under the menu item - Q & A

Map of the seaside resort Mörbisch Seebad Mörbisch map

Camping: there is a new campsite for motorhomes on the old tennis courts near Drescher lines (see Mörbisch map)



Tourist Board Mörbisch


Main street 23

7072 Mörbisch am See

T. +43 (0) 2685 8430

F. +43 (0) 2685 8430-9



Tourist Information Illmitz

Upper main street 2-4

A-7142 Illmitz

T +43 2175 2383 | F +43 2175 23834